Smoke Factory Spaceball II

This amazing compact smoke machine punches well above its weight, and for its size it produces enormous amounts of fog. It comes built into its own flightcase and is extremely compact. Suitable for small to medium venues.Packed with latest digital technology: DMX, microprocessor, timer Resaonable output but low power consumption. Flightcase included. Hightech in a little box. Ideal for small and medium jobs, dry hire, party, Top 40, mobile DJ​

Technical specifications 

  • Procedure: vaporizing fog generator
  • Power: 650 Watt 
  • Fluid bottle capacity: 750 ml 
  • Warm up time: approx. 7 minutes
  • Fog emission: 1%-99% in 1% steps
  • Fog time: 100% for 20 seconds 
  • Control choices: DMX 512, stand alone, timer  
  • Made in Germany 
  • Incl. standard flightcase 
  • Temperature control: microprocessor controled
  • Ambient temperature: 5°C - 45°C 
  • Ambient humidity: max. 80% rel. humidity, not condensing 
  • Power requirement: 110v or 240v
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 33 x 19 x 32 cm 
  • Weight: 8 kg 

All TourPro and Smoke Factory products purchased through SHS Global are backed up by a 1 year limited warranty guaranteed by SHS Global and our manufactures. If you should have any issue with a TourPro or LightSky product, purchased through SHS Global, SHS will handle your issue with top priority. We are a professional company and strive to provide to our customers top notch  professional service and care; a standard we have backed up for over 10 years.