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Aquabeam Stars on First Annual Chi-Town Rising NYE Event

 Austin, Texas, USA – 22 JAN 2016 – SHS Global was the star provider (quite literally) of the lighting for the centerpiece of Chicago’s recent “Chi-Town Rising” New Year’s Eve event.   Supplied by Intelligent Lighting Creations – 18 Aquabeam fixtures were used to illuminate out of the star itself, far into the night sky during its ascension at the stroke of midnight.

Chi-Town Rising is a brand new tradition for celebrating New Year’s Eve. The live broadcast from downtown Chicago featured celebrity guests, musical performances and a dazzling countdown featuring the new Chicago Star rising 360 feet into the night sky, surrounded by an epic fireworks display. Rather than a falling object, such as the ball in New York’s Times Square, a star, inspired by the City of Chicago flag, was chosen to ascend, representing the city’s rise from the ashes in the aftermath of the Great Fire of 1871. The star dwarfs the NYC ball however, standing at a whopping 70’6” (21.5 meters) compared to the ball’s 12-foot (3.6 meter) diameter.

 The star was built with lighting and video elements and truss-based to travel 360 feet (100 meters) up the side of the Hyatt Regency Chicago to ring in the new year. Lighting Designer of the star was John P. Marovich of ONE618, Inc. who faced some unique challenges that only winter in Chicago can present. He explained, “Fixture selection included a strict set of criteria including IP rating, weight, power requirements, hanging orientation, and most of all quality of light. The Aquabeam checked every box! No other fixture on the market could have fit the bill.”

 The Aquabeam fixtures, both IP54 rated and ETL approved, proved to be the perfect choice. Marovich added, “The fixtures, installed 3 weeks in advance of the big night, performed flawlessly in freezing rain, snow and ice. We gave them every reason to fail and they just kept going. I’m looking forward to using them on many projects in the future.”

 ONE618 was also involved in the lighting for the main stage, which featured the legendary band, Chicago, among others, with lighting design by Chris Wren of ONE618. His technical direction background helped with this ambitious project. John Murray of Arena Partners (owners and organizers of the event) had previously done work with one of the partners at ONE618 and knew they were strong with knowing the best technical solutions for unique projects.   

 Leigh-Anne Aiken, CEO for SHS Global says, “John and his team at ONE618, Inc. did a phenomenal job in their support of this project, beyond just the design. SHS Global is happy to have a partnership with them. Our cooperation together made a challenging situation go very smoothly.”

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LightSky rocks the 2014 Shanghai Budweiser Storm Music Festival 's lighting effects with over 150 of Lightsky's extreme beam F330 and 100 of the intense beam F230.

7th October, 2014 , the Final night of "Voice of China" 2014, Lightsky's 230W beam --F230 was shining the night.

October 31, 2014 - Lightsky provide F230 Beam fixtures for the Super Star Campain concert in Xian, China.

October 31, 2014 - Lightsky provide F230 Beam fixtures for the Super Star Campain concert in Xian, China.

November 18, 2014 - TourPro announced that CCP of Australia has taken delivery of 36 TourPro F230 fixtures. The F230's were immediately sent out for the Jimmy Barnes show this weekend.

November 18, 2014 - TourPro announced that CCP of Australia has taken delivery of 36 TourPro F230 fixtures. The F230's were immediately sent out for the Jimmy Barnes show this weekend.


AUSTIN, TX November 17, 2014-SHS Global announced today, that they are the master distributor of TourPro Lighting Solutions. After huge success at their sister company in Australia, SHS Global North America will start taking pre-orders December 2014.Tour Pro Lighting Solutions is a cutting edge, budget friendly, touring product line. TourPro was created by industry professionals who believe that reliability and quality should be affordable and available to the masses.With a wide range of feature rich and robust lighting products and effects, TourPro is a fierce competitor and can go head to head with industry legacy products."I found TourPro to be the perfect economical solution for our customers who want reliability and big effects on a tight budget" - says Andy Cass, Product Manager for SHS Global & COO of SHS Del Mundo.From small to large scale applications such as intimate events, stages, theaters, concert venues and stadiums.TourPro was built to illuminate every type of event."I am very excited and amazed by the quality of these fixtures. They have exceeded my expectations and will help take my company to another level. TourPro will give me a competitive advantage in the event rental market in Austin, TX". - says Beth Puorro, Owner of Misc. Rentals.SHS Global was established in 2005 and is a distributor of new and used lighting, video and audio equipment, with offices in North America, South America, Australia and Europe. Developing strategic partnerships with manufactures and production companies around the world is their specialty.For more information please visit and