LightSky F330 Follow Spot

Fitted with a High precision optical lens and an Osram SIRIUS HRI 330W light source, the F330 offers brilliant intensity for all lighting applications. The total system provides a high lumen output brighter than a traditional 1200W fixture. Ensuring low energy consumption and maintenance costs. The F330 follow spot is packed with features such as: Focus and dimmer (both linear adjustable); iris and linear beam angle zoom 5° to 10°. The total system provides a high lumen output with a color temperature of 7,500K, which is brighter than a traditional 1200W follow spot.

​The F330 Follow spot comes with fixture, stand, built in power supply, and road case.

Technical specifications:

  • Light source: OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 330w lamp

  • Lamp average life span: >1'500 h

  • 78680 Lux output at the distance of 20m

  • Colour temperature: 7500K

  • Color filter temperature : 3200K

  • CTO color temperature correction

  • 5 slot color changer

  • Pan/Tilt : Pan 360°, Tilt : 90°

  • Beam angle: 4°-12° manual zoom

  • Frost filter

  • Cutting : Beam light cutting 0-100% up and down adjustment

  • Focus : High-definition adjustment with optical focus

  • 0-100° linear dimming curve

  • User friendly user interface

  • Tripod stand included in the package

  • Gobo holder to house custom patterns

  • 5-100% manual iris

  • Compatible with custom-made printed gobos on transparency film

  • 4 operating handles on 2 sides and back side of the body

  • Aluminum alloy structure

  • Built in power supply

  • Power unit: 100-240V 50/60Hz

  • Max power consumption: 330w

  • Weight: 22.5 Kg

  • Dimensioni (WxHxD): 866x400x404 mm

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